Change of Journal Name

New Name

  ISSN # : 1598 - 5865
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing(JAMC)
(From the September Issue, 2002)

Old Name

  Korean Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics(KJCAM)
(Vol. 1 - Vol. 9, No.2<May, 2002>)
ISSN # : 1229 - 9502


  Vol. 9, No. 3 of KJCAM has not been published. Insetead, Vol. 10, no. 1-2 of JAMC stands for it.
From Vol. 10 of JAMC, each volume consists of two issues bound together. i.e., JAMC is published in three volumes
(January, May and September) and 6 issues per year.
Editorial Policy

The JAMC is mainly devoted to original research articles. However, research-expository survey articles are sometimes solicited and accepted for publication. These are papers of the highest quality that present a clear and insightful exposition of significant aspects of contemporary applied and computational research. Primary emphasis is placed on high quality, original work that has neither appeared in, nor is under review by other journals. There are important criteria which are applied in determining whether or not a submitted paper is suitable for publication in the JAMC, beyond formal correctness and coherence. These are :
(1) The results in the paper should be genuinely applied or applicable or computational.
(2) The paper should make a serious contribution to the mathematical theory of Applied Mathematics and Computing, or in some other sense carry a substantial level of applied and computing innovation, or be likely to stimulate such innovation.
(3) Mathematical depth and difficulty will not be the sole criteria with respect to which submissions are evaluated. Fundamentally, we seek a broad spectrum of papers which enrich our profession intellectually, and which illustrate the role of computational thinking in the solution of applied problems.
(4) Most papers should contain an Introduction which presents a discussion of the context and importance of the issues they address and a clear, non-technical description of the main results. The Introduction should be accessible to a wide range of readers.

Aims and Scope

This is a broad based journal covering all branches of computational or applied mathematics with special encouragement to researchers in
theoretical computer science and mathematical computing. Thus, the major areas, such as Numerical Analysis, Discrete Optimization, Linear and
Nonlinear Programming, Theory of Computation(Computational Complexity, Automata and Formal Languages), Control Theory, Theory of Algorithms,
Computational Logic, Applied Combinatorics (including graphs, codes, and designs), Coding Theory, Cryptographics, Fuzzy Theory with applications,
Differential Equations with applications, etc., are all included.
A large variety of scientific problems also necessarily involve Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and so on.
The journal welcomes research papers in all branches of mathematics which have some bearing on the application to scientific problems,
including papers in the areas of Actuarial Science, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Economics and Finance.

Copyright Information

It is a fundamental condition for publication that submitted manuscripts have not been published, nor will be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere.
Upon submission of an article, the authors agree that the copyright of the article will be automatically transfered to the publisher at the time
when the article is accepted for publication.
This transfer will ensure the widest possible dissemination of information.
The copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprints, photographic reproduction, microform or
any other reproductions of similar nature and translations.


The annual subscription price is as follows


In Korea

US $ 40
US $ 90

All Other Countries

US $ 50
US $ 80

Orders must be sent directly to the Editorial Office of JAMC.
Please make bank checks or international money orders payable to KSCAM (the Korean Society for Computational and Applied Mathematics).
All prices include postage, packing and handling charges worldwide.

Publication Policy

Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing is published in three volumes (January, May and September) per year.
Each volume consists of two issues bound together and distributed to librarians, researchers in applied mathematics, computer science,
and mathematicians with a strong interest in applications. This journal is published by the Korean Society for Computational and
Applied Mathematics and the Korean SIGCAM with Kaesu Hall and typeset with AMSTeX, AMSLaTeX, the TeX macro system of the American
Mathematical Society.

Publication Charge

The final manuscript with JAMC format(style) is restricted up to 25 pages and there are no page charges assessed up to 19 pages.
But for all the papers more than 19 pages, page charges of US$30.00 per page must be paid before publication. The number of pages
will be counted from the final version made by the JAMC-format. But we do put no restrictions on the invited articles. These regulations
can not be applied to the domestic papers.


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